Where can I find the source code for the FPGA board? 

The NDI Advanced SDK contains the VHDL source that is available for the NDI codec cores.  The low-level encode and decode functions are currently provided as an encrypted library. 

 To properly implement the FPGA codecs in the NDI Advanced SDK requires: 

- ARM (or x86) CPU running Linux for the NDI software libraries 

- Shared memory between the CPU and FPGA for communicating the compressed NDI data 

- Register access to the FPGA from the CPU 

- Frame buffer memory for the FPGA to store uncompressed video data (does not need to be visible to the CPU) 

For these reasons the examples provided all target SoC+FPGA parts from Xilinx and Altera.  Using an SoC+FPGA part is not mandatory, but anything else will require additional development effort and similar system performance (eg: a PCIe link to the FPGA could work well for transferring NDI compressed data and register I/O). 


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