I cannot create an NDI Sender via the SDK 

Customers working with either our NDI SDK or Advance SDK might get this "error" message on when attempting to create or run their own decoder:  

what(): Cannot create NDI sender! 

This may be due to the NDI demo already running as a background process, which creates its own NDI Sender. At the start of the development window, look for a message that says: 

NDI demo is running in a background screen. To attach run:  

    sudo screen –r 

Running that should bring the NDI demo to an active window, allowing the developer to kill the process and start their own NDI sender. It's important to note that the NDI demo will usually run at boot, so either run  

sudo screen –r 

Before development or stopping the NDI demo from running through the operating system's settings task manager startup menu or its equivalent. 


Is the NDI SDK available for non-Windows/Mac systems? 


How can I segregate NDI traffic? Is there a username or password? 

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