How can I segregate NDI traffic? Is there a username or password? 

NDI was designed to be seen on a network by compatible receivers and senders without intermediary steps such as passwords or authentications. With that stated, we do understand that many users would prefer not to have all video traffic available, so we have a number of methods available to route and segregate traffic.  

1. Because NDI uses a number of network-based protocols for discovery, the best way to keep NDI traffic segregated is to use separate networks, VLANs, VPNs, or some other management layer that happens prior to NDI traffic. This is also suggested if you use other network-based protocols such as Dante audio. 

2. Install Access Manager on each device that you want to keep separate, assigning Send and Receive groups for each source as appropriate. Please note: doing this would also require that you also delete the default PUBLIC group to ensure traffic is only seen and/or received as intended. 

3. Set up Access Manager on each device and use different NDI Discovery Servers, as appropriate. 

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