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NDI 5.6 White Paper

The fundamentals of our tech.

This paper is a collection of the fundamental facts and best practices for anyone that wants to deploy or operate NDI networks. It is updated with features found in NDI 5.6, the latest release of our core technology, and it includes information about:

– NDI Discovery and Registration;
– NDI Protocols;
– Network layouts;
– Bandwidth charts;
– Multicast;
– Cloud networking

and much more.





Our support team is always connected and ready to provide assistance regarding all NDI-related topics, including:

  • troubleshooting integrations of our tech;
  • NDI Certified certification process;
  • Works With NDI certification process;
  • helping with NDI-enabled products.
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Camera upgrades

Upgrade your camera’s connectivity.

Please contact our support team for detailed instructions on how to run the upgrades.

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Headshot of Luis Medeiros, Brand and Content Manager for NDI Luis Medeiros 5 mins read 19 September ‘23

Interviewing Kinson Loo, CEO of Z CAM

We sat down with Kinson Loo to talk about the value of IP connectivity, the new NDI certified E2N, and the future of Z CAM.

Headshot of Kinson Loo, CEO of Z Cam
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Setting Up The World Of Hybrid Events: A Conversation With Elias 

In this interview, we sit down with Elias, an event production expert with a unique blend of skills in computer science and live event coordination to dive into event production and the transformative impact of NDI technology.

Headshot of Andrew Vasquez, Head of Support at NDI Andrew Vasquez 5 mins read 6 September ‘23

NDI Certified: the road to user-centered interoperability

Understand the role of certification and learn more about the NDI Certified program in this blog post from Andrew Vasquez, Head of Support.

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