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Live becomes life: introducing HDR support

NDI video will look more life-like than ever with the addition of fully native HDR support*.

With NDI 6, broadcasters and content creators can harness the features that make NDI the best live production connectivity technology while streaming video that matches industry standards.

Higher contrast

Expanded brightness headroom for spectral highlight detail and stunning contrast levels.

Wide color gamut

Up to 16 bits per color channel enable over a billion color combinations.

Minimal color banding

Ultra-precise color produces smooth transitions and seamless gradients.

Broad compatibility

Supports PQ and HLG formats, streaming accurately to most HDR and non-HDR devices.

Experience the contrast.

Expanded brightness headroom for spectral highlight detail and stunning contrast levels.

Color B/W

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*A note for product developers:
HDR video encoding will be available for NDI Advanced licensees.

Products integrating the NDI SDK will only be able to receive HDR video.

10+ bit color depth support

The difference, bit by bit: native 10+ bit

Native 10+ bit color depth support elevates content creation to excellence levels never seen with NDI. Harness the full spectrum of colors and experience smoother gradients, richer textures, and pixel-perfect precision, all in real-time.   

Matching SDI quality

The best of both worlds: flexible IP video connectivity that supports the bit depth of the traditional industry standard.


Streams offer maximum accuracy when representing colors and other image elements, including gradients, shading, and fine details.

Alpha channel

The 10+ bit color depth can also extend to the alpha channel, controlling transparency and allowing for more nuanced and accurate compositing of elements.

Expanded creative possibilities

Unlocks professional-grade video editing in every frame, whether it’s the next blockbuster or a homemade vlog.    

It’s smooth streaming from now on.

Higher bit depth makes a difference when content is complex and color-rich. See for yourself.

Color B/W

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NDI Bridge Utility for Hardware

WAN Connectivity embedded into your camera

The new NDI Bridge utility for hardware enables devices* to autonomously send fully-featured encrypted NDI streams over WAN, streamlining remote production. No complex configuration: your users can connect their cameras to any NDI network worldwide in one simple step. 

Real-time collaboration over WAN

Turn cameras into discoverable sources in NDI networks, enabling anyone with access to find and connect to a global virtual studio.    


Thanks to encrypted bidirectional transmission, users can securely connect to NDI networks over the public Internet. Content and metadata can’t be intercepted or used without the correct key. 

Make the connection part of your product's experience

Employ our API to offer your users a seamless, personalized experience when connecting to an NDI network.

Connect NDI cameras remotely like never before.

Before NDI 6, to connect remotely to a local network (LAN 1), devices needed to be in another LAN (2 + 3) with a running NDI Bridge tool.

With the new NDI Bridge Utility for hardware, devices can be configured to join a remote LAN (1) with NDI Bridge tool in host mode, as independent sources without a local network or additional equipment.

*A note for product developers: This feature is currently only supported on Linux-based devices, and the device must already be capable of outputting NDI High Bandwidth or NDI HX3 formats.

For developers

Take the next step: integrate NDI 6

If you’re a developer looking to integrate NDI in your solution or product, you can start testing our updated SDKs right now.

For software

Enable your software to receive any NDI source and join our growing ecosystem of products offering seamless, real-time video IP connectivity to millions of users.

For Software & Hardware

Our commercial license contains a fully-featured SDK designed to enhance your products’ IP connectivity, and extended benefits like certification and dedicated technical support.

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