Removing the limits

of video


Thousands of products are enabling better experiences and unlocking new use cases by integrating NDI’s seamless, efficient, low-latency video connectivity technology.

Adaptable to any industry

One core platform.

Unlimited use cases.

From world-class broadcast and production studios to consumer-grade video setups, NDI integrates easy-to-setup, low-latency and high-performance connectivity into any device and workflow. If your business uses video, NDI will connect it, regardless of context or limitations.

The next step in IP connectivity.

Core technology

Deep tech that enables Native Connectivity.


High Efficiency

  • Consume less bandwidth to provide visually lossless video up to 4k60 through our most advanced formats like HX3.
  • Integrate NDI on a hardware or software layer, adapting processing performance to your needs.
  • Eliminate expensive cables and gear while preparing your setup to scale cost-effectively.

Plug & Play

  • Discover, organize, and connect multiple devices in a seamless, intuitive experience
  • Connect any NDI-enabled device over standard ethernet without requiring custom networking.


  • Enable true compatibility with a growing ecosystem featuring thousands of products, from consumer devices to professional-grade hardware and industry-leading software;
  • Unlock bi-directional transmission to send and receive video, audio and metadata, controlling devices remotely over the same video stream.

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