Hybrid learning that goes the distance.

NDI enables teachers and tutors to access a turnkey virtual classroom customized to the needs of local and remote students and connect video across campus in real-time with less hardware than ever.

Share dynamic video content without complicated setups
Unlock remote collaboration and active learning
Bring all video sources on campus to the same room

Our plug & play connectivity technology allows unlimited video feeds to connect over existing Ethernet networks without complex configurations, saving time and initial set-up costs.


Any NDI-enabled device is automatically discoverable and easily controlled in real time, so teachers, instructors and IT experts can effortlessly manage multiple video content sources and create an enhanced classroom experience.

Any student can seamlessly connect to the school’s video network through their own smartphone, tablet or laptop, allowing for a more comfortable and natural learning experience.


Students feel empowered to become active contributors to the class, sharing video content and interacting with their peers in the classroom and remotely, with minimum effort and no awkward delays or connection losses.

Record lectures, stream conferences, and broadcast sports events in real time without splitting teams and producing everything from the same control room.


For educators and tutors, it becomes easier to oversee operations and all their students in action while not needing to invest the institution’s AV budget in multiple producing stations. For students, it’s a smooth and intuitive introduction to the world of real-time video production.


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Technology ready for the classroom.

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