Unlock all video connectivity features for software and hardware with our commercial license. Start testing in hardware or software today.


Upgrade your product's connectivity features

Send and receive all NDI formats

Only NDI Advanced unlocks native encoding of any formats, from the reliable NDI High Bandwidth, based on our proprietary SpeedHQ codec, to the flexible and efficient NDI HX3, which harnesses H.264 and H.265 to produce visually lossless images at reduced bitrates.


Offer your users high-quality connectivity

Enhance your product’s connectvity experience by enabling native 10+ bit HDR* support, personalized connection settings per sender, receiver, and finder, embedded WAN connectivity* and KVM support.

*Features included in NDI 6.

Complete control over your integration

Develop native IP video and audio support on a much more granular level, enabling control over the encoding and decoding process using your system-level resources, and features like customized memory allocators to optimize performance and reduce memory usage.


Designed for seamless integration

We continuously develop reference designs for the most widely used FPGAs, including AMD Xilinx and Intel Altera, to ensure a smooth integration process, and optimized computational consumption from your NDI hardware integration.

An SDK with
more to offer

NDI Advanced includes a supercharged SDK with additional specs that allow for even greater control and customization over your product’s connectivity features.

NDI High Bandwidth

Receive (decode)

Send (encode)


Receive (decode)

Send (passthrough)


Receive (decode)

Send (passthrough)


Integrates in Windows, MacOS, Linux and more

Integrates in Intel and ARM architecture CPUs

FPGA reference designs (incl. AMD Xilinx and Intel Altera)


Discoverability over IP networks

Video access control and grouping​

Bi-directional metadata, PTZ commands and tally​

Custom metadata

Alpha channel​

Specify connection settings for any sender, finder and receiver

Custom memory allocators to improve memory efficiency

Asynchronous sending completion

Genlock API


KVM support


Multichannel audio

Compressed audio support


Guarantee the best connected experience for your users with
NDI Certified


An NDI Certified product just works. Always. The badges provided by our certification program are a legitimate way for your user to trust that your product operates and connects to our compatibility and overall experience standards.

All NDI Advanced licensees are automatically eligible to enter the certification program and be featured in our product finder.

Additional benefits

Image illustrating careers NDI, a collaborator is standing behing a server rack.

Dedicated tech support

Direct access to our tech support team for troubleshooting, certification requests and anything else you need.



Develop engaging content and co-branded campaigns with our marketing team for digital channels and industry events.


License to help you scale

Whether you are a hardware developer integrating NDI in some SKUs of your portfolio to test the market or a software company looking to deploy NDI for your entire user base, our commercial license adjusts to your business growth.


The perfect ingredient for any product that needs to connect over IP.


Offer your users the power of seamless IP connectivity in any camera, from PTZ to ENG, webcams, and more.


Enable IP connectivity within any display type, from recording monitors to video walls and smart TVs.

Other Devices

Outfit your device to send and receive media within any IP-based setup.

Software and Apps

Make your software the most versatile tool in any video setup.


Our efficient connectivity tech provides the perfect format for cloud-based live production at scale.

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