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Outfit your device to connect in any IP-based setup, from professional studios and production sets to quick and simple AV installations, and unlock the most seamless experience for your current and new users. 

Tech that fits all video devices.

NDI is designed to seamlessly integrate within the hardware or software layer of all types of video devices. From encoders/decoders and PTZ controllers to recorders, teleprompters, and video mixers. Leading device manufacturers in the Broadcast and Pro AV continue building successful product lines and expanding their user base on top of our connectivity tech. 

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Enhance your multi-product experiences.

Our connectivity tech will upgrade the plug-and-play interoperability within your full portfolio, allowing you to offer your users new integrated experiences and a more reliable brand ecosystem.

Plug and play with the most used software.

NDI is natively supported by major video and streaming software, from production tools like vMix, Avid Media Composer or Viz Engine, to mass-market platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or OBS. And the quickest way to connect over IP is NDI.

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for Pictogram describing a broadcast camera Devices

Get more with NDI Advanced

NDI Certified

Become eligible to guarantee your users true interoperability and seamless performance within our product ecosystem.


Reference designs

For most widely used FPGAs, including AMD Xilinx and Intel Altera, to ensure optimized computational consumption.


Advanced formats

Integrate full support for all our connectivity formats including HX3: visually lossless, low-latency video with minimal bitrates.


Detailed integration

Control every detail of your encoding and decoding and optimize performance with custom memory allocators, APIs, and more.

Dedicated tech support

Direct access to our tech support team for troubleshooting, certification requests and anything else you need.


Develop engaging content and co-branded campaigns with our marketing team for digital channels and industry events.