NDI Certified Badge

The best connections are NDI Certified.

NDI Certified devices are guaranteed to connect seamlessly and perform up to the NDI standards of efficiency, interoperability, and quality in any setup.

The NDI Certified ecosystem
of devices continues expanding.


Tested by the NDI Team.

In our technical support labs, our certification team puts each individual device model to the test by analyzing the manufacturer’s specs and checking:

· Interoperability testing

· Glass-to-glass latency

· Image compression and quality

· NDI format* and codecs supported

· User interface experience

· Configuration settings

* NDI Certified Badges showcase the format supported by each device, guaranteeing consistency of performance in the entire workflow.

Featuring certified products from

“NDI is a growing trend. Markets are demanding it, and we wanted to join this platform while demand is growing. E2N is our first NDI Certified camera and I hope it’s the first of many.”

The NDI Certified badge itself is just an amazing marketing tool. We see products every day that say they handle NDI, but with the badge we are promising that this device not only supports the technology, but connects through it like it’s supposed to.”

“At NDI, we’re not just certifying products, we’re partnering with you for success. Our simple supportive process ensures your product reaches its full potential in the market and we want to help you get started on your certification journey today.”


Offer your users the NDI Certified guarantee.

NDI Certified Badge

Each day, the number of NDI-compatible devices grows. NDI Certified is our answer to guarantee true interoperability within our ecosystem of devices, applications, and workflows. 

All NDI Advanced licensees are automatically eligible to enter the certification program and increase the legitimacy of their products.

NDI Certified is available for:

Eligible products

Product types

NDI virtual inputs/outputs
NDI software apps
​NDI mobile apps
NDI streaming solutions

A seamless certification process.

Our certification team will work with you along the different stages of your product’s development to ensure a quick and smooth certification process.

2–4 weeks

*Typical NDI HX3 certification.
Apply for certification today.

Showcase full compatibility with NDI.


If your devices don’t require a native NDI integration, but you want to differentiate them by guaranteeing full compatibility with our tech to your users, Works With NDI certifies devices that provide a seamless experience and high-quality connection within an NDI network.

Works With NDI is available for:

Eligible products

Product types

  • Network switches
  • Wireless network gear
  • NDI Decode only
  • NDI Receive only
  • NDI Cameras (legacy)
  • Converters
  • NDI Plugins
  • NDI Virtual Components
  • Controllers
  • Monitors
Certify your NDI compatibility.

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