NDI for  Cloud Production

Run your production virtually anywhere

Remote productions all around the world are adopting NDI connectivity technology as the backbone of their infrastructure to set up the most flexible and cost-effective cloud workflows in the business.


Scaleable beyond your needs

Scale your operations as your needs evolve, accommodating varying levels of production without the need for significant upfront investment in physical hardware and infrastructure.


NDI-based cloud systems can encode, route, and deliver hundreds of simultaneous NDI video streams.

saved in production costs*
Tons of CO₂ saved*
0 Tons

*Over 100 European Football League games produced remotely.
Read case study here.

Cut down on budget and CO₂

NDI allows the production of live content using only software applications. Combining these elements with virtualization provides a unique opportunity where the cost per output is a fraction of what a traditional system costs, ensuring more return on investment.


Cloud live productions are also carbon-efficient, as they can be delivered by remote teams. There is no need for OB trucks and large crews to be sent to the locations, saving on expenses and emissions.

Extended compatibility

NDI consistently performs in workflows using multiple protocols. Whether you’re using SDI, SRT, HDMI, or all at the same time, NDI will enable seamless connections and smoother streaming.


NDI also supports various codecs, like our proprietary SpeedHQ, found on the NDI High Bandwidth format, AVC (H.264), and HEVC (H.265), found on the NDI HX formats.


Unlock seamless flexibility

NDI operates bi-directionally, with many streams on a shared connection. It’s resolution and frame-rate-independent and supports 4K resolutions and beyond. It also provides embedded alpha channel support, a unique feature in Video over IP, and custom per-channel metadata.

Video + audio in the same stream

NDI is natively unicast and doesn’t require strong synchronization technology, enabling you to send unlimited audio channels* over a single NDI stream.

*NDI supports unlimited PCM channels or 255 channels for Opus, multiplexed into a single stream for channel alignment.

An ecosystem ready to connect

Today, leading cloud-based video editing and management platforms like BirdDog Connect, Ross Production Cloud, Vizrt’s Viz Now, or CloudMX Audio Mixer from Waves support NDI.


NDI is also a standard connectivity feature in over 700 hardware products, including cameras, displays, and mixers. You’ll always find the right solution for your workflows.


Reduce the worfklow, increase your possibilites

Before NDI, this multi-location remote production required one SDI converter per device, hundreds of meters of cabling, multiple SRT streams, complex routing, and multiple protocols in place.

Using the full features of NDI 6, the same production can connect all sites to the cloud, sending and receiving video, audio, control, and metadata bidirectionally, all through a single NDI connection, using fewer cables and hardware.

See it in action

NDI is already connecting remote productions everywhere, from college sports live streams to digital-first broadcast studios.

Read our stories to learn more about the practical benefits of our cloud-ready connectivity technology.


Scale up your production in 6 steps

Amazon Web Services is a comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. NDI opens up new possibilities for broadcast production, leveraging cloud scalability and flexibility to enhance content creation and distribution.


Virtual Private Cloud

A dedicated VPC is created within AWS to host the EC2 instances. This acts as a virtual network dedicated to your AWS account, isolated from other virtual networks, providing you with a section of the AWS cloud where you can launch AWS resources.


EC2 Deployment

Within the VPC, EC2 instances are deployed in a public subnet to facilitate ease of access and initial setup. This setup serves as the foundation for deploying NDI-based applications.


Security Group Configuration

The security group associated with the EC2 instance is configured to whitelist IP addresses allowed to connect to the machine, ensuring controlled access to the resources.


Elastic IP Allocation

An Elastic IP address is provisioned and associated with the EC2 instance to provide a static, public IP address for remote connections.


Network Access Control Lists

NACLs are set to allow the necessary traffic to reach the EC2 instance. The specific configurations will vary based on the needs of the production environment and will be detailed further in subsequent chapters.


Remote Connection

For remote desktop connections, NICE DCV is recommended, providing high-performance remote desktop functionality.

For developers

Engineered for the Cloud.

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