Crypto streaming – Video Connectivity Technology with NDI 

NDI® video connectivity technology was an integral part of the workflow when ATX Event Systems and WiFi Joe delivered the streaming production of last year’s Consensus cryptocurrency conference, which took place at seven venues situated in Austin, Texas. 


Dealing with variable IT infrastructure across multiple venues was among the challenges confronting ATX Event Systems and WiFi Joe when they began working on event plans for the 2022 edition of Consensus. Described as a showcase and celebration of all things crypto – including blockchain, Web3 and the metaverse – the conference called for effective streaming from a total of seven venues in the Texan capital of Austin. 

While they were able to liaise with the city of Austin to use existing underground fiber at some venues, many of the older buildings lacked effective IT infrastructure. This contributed to WiFi Joe’s decision to deliver internet to these venues via point-to-point microwave links. 

With an available load-in window of a mere 27 hours, it was imperative that the primary connectivity solution be easy to deploy and offer rock-solid reliability. 


Faced with these challenging conditions, the two companies determined that the use of single cable NDI® video connectivity built into the BirdDog P400 cameras would be ideal in achieving a rapid set-up time. 

From WiFi Joe – which specialises in building and deploying affordable, high-quality wifi networks for events, venues and arenas – Ralph Muellen commented: “What was really helpful with the BirdDog cameras was that all we had to do was run one cable, which does power, remote PTZ control, audio and video. In terms of how many cables and boxes we had to move, it was so advantageous [logistically].” 


The combination of NDI® with BirdDog – two brands that have enjoyed a long and productive technology partnership – proved to be perfect for this demanding event. In addition to the P400 cameras, the event companies utilised BirdDog Cloud for central control of the distant sources, which allowed operators to be positioned at the most convenient location in each case. 

ATX Event Systems’ Anthony McCoy recalled: “We needed something that would enable us to be as flexible as possible – be everywhere and anywhere at any time so we figured that BirdDog Cloud would be a perfect tool. [It meant we were] able to give our clients a zero latency feed very quickly; for example, if they needed to see the main stage at the Austin Convention Center or what’s happening at another venue, we could give them those feeds using the BirdDog technology extremely quickly. We’ve been using BirdDog quite a bit for the past two years and they’ve become an integral piece of most of our shows

ATX Event Systems’ Anthony McCoy
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