Broadcast and Pro AV

The only Video over IP standard you’ll ever need.

NDI offers the most flexible and efficient formats, enabling any production to easily set up workflows, scale in a cost-effectaive manner and quickly adapt to context limitations and changing needs.

Reduce hardware but increase possibilities
Real-time collaboration without boundaries
Devices ready for future studios

Transmit all your video streams over one single connection, eliminating expensive cables and gear while setting up a format and resolution-agnostic workflow adaptable to various applications, and preparing your setup to scale and support larger and more complex installations.


From a quick, intimate live production to large-scale events like concerts and conferences, your workflow will be able to handle it.

Combine and manipulate video from multiple sources in different locations, with near-instantaneous bidirectional transmission, allowing for remote mixing, production, and collaboration. With NDI, you can virtualize your studio and create a broadcast system that works both on-premises and in the cloud.

Integrate your device with game-changing connectivity features, including efficient video decoding and encoding that is light on hardware, seamless remote-control capabilities, and the most impressive interoperability range in the market, with our plug & play discoverability functions. NDI Certified devices are always a good fit for any workflow or setup.

Technology set to broadcast.

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Become compatible with the ecosystem and decode all NDI formats.




Enhance your video connectivity with our commercial license and unlock all features and formats.