Broadcast and Pro AV

NDI offers the most flexible and efficient formats, enabling any production to easily set up workflows, scale in a cost-effective manner and quickly adapt to context limitations and changing needs.

The only Video over IP standard you’ll ever need.

Reduce hardware but increase possibilities
Real-time collaboration without boundaries
Devices ready for future studios

Transmit all your video streams over one single connection, eliminating expensive cables and gear while setting up a format and resolution-agnostic workflow adaptable to various applications, and preparing your setup to scale and support larger and more complex installations.


From a quick, intimate live production to large-scale events like concerts and conferences, your workflow will be able to handle it.

Combine and manipulate video from multiple sources in different locations, with near-instantaneous bidirectional transmission, allowing for remote mixing, production, and collaboration. With NDI, you can virtualize your studio and create a broadcast system that works both on-premises and in the cloud.

Integrate your device with game-changing connectivity features, including efficient video decoding and encoding that is light on hardware, seamless remote-control capabilities, and the most impressive interoperability range in the market, with our plug & play discoverability functions. NDI Certified devices are always a good fit for any workflow or setup.

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Enhance your video connectivity: decode, transcode and encode our most advanced formats