From Cloud to Sound: NDI as the solution for cloud-based audio.

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Join us on May the 30th to go through NDI as the solution for cloud-based audio, Audio authorities Waves and Avsono bring forward a successful application of NDI connectivity technology to connect audio in cloud-based production trucks for international digital marketing Media.Monks. Join in and discover why NDI is becoming a better solution for audio networking. Includes Live Q&A with all speakers and our very own NDI Audio expert.


 Presentation of Media.Monks success story of an NDI-enabled, cloud-based virtual production truck equipped to broadcast a 4K sports live stream, with Wes Honavec, Virtual Studios Lead

— Showcase of different NDI-based audio products from Avsono Inc. and potential workflows for the future of virtual audio production, with Pablo Quintana, Founder and CEO Product

— Walkthrough on how we use NDI and Waves’ NDI driver for the Cloud MX mixer, with Gil Wasserman

— NDI tools and updates for audio, with Roberto Musso, Technical Product Marketing Director

— Roundtable discussion and live Q&A Session with all speakers

Wes Hovanec

Virtual Studios Lead

Pablo Quintana

Founder & CEO, Avsono Inc.

Roberto Musso

Director of Technical Marketing, NDI

Gil Wasserman

Senior Product Manager, Waves

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