What are the different types of SDK for NDI? 

There are two types of the SDK for NDI, Software-based and Embedded

The Software-based SDK is meant to be integrated into a computer such as a Mac, Linux, or a Windows machine. If you use it, it utilizes the encoding/decoding resources of the native OS (GPU) and delivers the raw video into memory for your application to process. The Software SDK is a commercial license which is royalty free, but is not open-source. 

The Embedded SDK is meant for embedded machines where the encode/decode resources are part of  application or process. The embedded SDK runs or x86, Arm7, Linux, IOS. It delivers the compressed data into memory and your app has to encode or decode it. There is no upfront license or development fee to use the embedded SDK, however it does have a 30 minute limit. In order to remove this restriction you must enter into a distribution agreement with us and obtain a vendor ID. The addition of the vendor ID to your existing code removes the 30 minute restriction. The licensing terms are we charge 5% of the MSRP of the product. 


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