Is the NDI SDK available for non-Windows/Mac systems? 

Yes! We have the standard SDK for software-based machines (Windows and Mac), and we have our Embedded SDK for ARM (SOC devices such as cameras and converters), iOS, and x86 -based devices. 

 If you want to create a product using the Embedded SDK, you should download the Embedded NDI® 4.0 SDK and install it on a Linux machine. Here are some other links which will be useful for you in understanding NDI

A good place to start is to download the NDI tools and install them onto a windows machine so you can get an understanding of NDI in general, the download is found here:  NDI Tools |, and if you need more info, here is an overview of NDI.

The Embedded SDK comes with the DCT encoder design as part of it and you may use it. This is all covered in the documentation which is in the SDK, and in a Zip file you can read in Windows HERE. To use our SDK’s for development there is no charge. If you develop a product with our embedded SDK, when you sell the product you pay NewTek a 5% of MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) license fee 


What are the different types of SDK for NDI? 


I cannot create an NDI Sender via the SDK