Enabling NDI in “New” Microsoft Teams (Windows only)

From January 2024, Microsoft has been offering a "new" version of Microsoft Teams (Version: 23335.232.2637.4844, Client version: 49/23113028724). Upon enabling it, NDI outputs will not be enabled anymore. To re-enable NDI outputs, you must now download some additional files:

Within New Teams, navigate to Settings, then App Permissions. Click the download link to install the necessary NDI files from Microsoft

NewTeams Production Capabilities enabled

Run the Program that is downloaded (ndi-win-x64_vs2022-crtdynamic-release.msix)

New Teams NDIxTeams install

Once it's installed, enable NDI in the App Permissions

New Teams NDI after install

Now, when a call is made and connected, NDI will need to be enabled on a per-call basis. During the call, navigate to More, then Streaming, then Broadcast over NDI

new teams enable broadcast

The NDI Feed can now be pulled up on any capable NDI receiver.


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