NDI Certified: the road to user-centered interoperability

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Andrew Vasquez

6 September ‘23 5 mins read Product

Why is NDI Certified an essential initiative for product developers and users alike? Andrew Vasquez, Head of Support at NDI, explains.

Imagine a scenario where diverse nodes of a video network struggle to establish effective communication, leading to disruptions during presentations, conferences, and entertainment engagements. Having served as the Head of Support at NDI for the past 18 months, I can say such a scenario is not far-fetched. I would even dare to say it is pretty typical. For the past 18 months, I’ve gained a unique perspective on the challenges faced by our end users and licensees. Each day, the number of NDI-compatible devices grows (according to Haivision’s Broadcast Transformation Report 2023, NDI is the most commonly used IP-based technology among respondents leveraging IP). While it would be ideal to claim that they all work cohesively, the reality is that this is not always the case. The expanding array of devices and applications entering the scene naturally introduces more complexity and often prioritizes functionalities over compatibility.

This context is precisely where device certification steps in. This article will dig into the pivotal role of certification in realizing harmonious interoperability within the dynamic and evergrowing NDI ecosystem of devices, applications, and workflows

The challenge of interoperability. 

NDI setups consist of a wide array of elements: encoders, displays, cameras, audio devices, controllers, and more. These elements often originate from different manufacturers, each utilizing their own protocols, technologies, and user interfaces.

Over recent months, I’ve observed numerous innovative concepts and ideas emerging from various companies. While NDI welcomes these fresh ideas and the investment in developing novel products, we find it essential to ensure that each new device continues adhering to one necessary criterion: enhancing the connectivity experience for end users and installers alike. Certification is the best answer to counter unwanted scenarios and complement the efforts of innovations carried out by product developers.

NDI has a vital part to play as a curator of these connected experiences. The heart of our pursuit with the NDI Certified programs lies in achieving seamless interoperability from the end user POV.

Andrew Vasquez, Head of Support

NDI Certified: Our answer to ensure a unified experience.

Our certification program involves testing and validation to ensure that NDI equipment can seamlessly communicate, exchange data, and function together. Devices are also tested against criteria defined for our different formats. In turn, our badges inform the end user by communicating which NDI formats the device is enabled to support.

The NDI Certified badges that can be applied to products that integrate NDI.

Our certification process tests each device model against a set of carefully defined criteria that encompasses performance metrics and user experience: 

1. Optimal delivery of all core tech features: Independently of the context, NDI Certified products will always enable fundamental NDI features like instant device identification and discoverability, bidirectional transmission, and embedded metadata support.

2. Support of standardized NDI formats: NDI Certified devices must meet the technical requirements – such as codecs supported, glass-to-glass latency, or level of visible compression – established for our different formats, NDI High Bandwidth, NDI HX, and NDI HX3.

3. Interoperability requirements: The NDI Certified process checks for a comprehensive set of items, including the easiness of access and configuration on the device interface, the capability to personalize connection settings, support for the NDI discovery server, or pre-configured encoding options.

A program that benefits licensees and end users.

NDI Certified devices allow users to focus on their content rather than their setups and workflows. At the same time, certification expands demand, use cases, and business opportunities for products. The advantages are numerous:

– Certified equipment offers consistent performance even in innovative and creative integrations, ranging from educational environments to dynamic signage, driving innovation in learning and business communication. 
Scalability becomes simplified, allowing organizations to expand their NDI systems without concerns about compatibility problems or performance.
– Certified devices are less prone to issues, allowing users to spend more time creating and less time troubleshooting.
– The overall NDI ecosystem of products becomes more interoperable and consistent, benefiting all product manufacturers that are part of it.

This is just the beginning.

In the ever-evolving landscape of NDI technology, certification is one of our most significant investments as a company. The ability of NDI equipment to communicate seamlessly is no longer a luxury. It’s an expected behavior for businesses, educational institutions, entertainment venues, and beyond. With certification, the potential for transformative NDI experiences is within reach, empowering users to focus on creativity, communication, and collaboration rather than compatibility concerns. 

As our technology continues to develop, the role of certification will grow and remain central in creating an interconnected NDI ecosystem that amplifies human experiences and capabilities. Whether it’s a corporate boardroom, a doctor’s office, or a concert venue, certified NDI equipment will continue to be the key to unlocking higher levels of synergy and improving the way in which we experience video.

> If you’re interested in knowing more, we have compiled a comprehensive collection of Frequently Asked Questions about certification.

> In case you’re a product developer looking to get your products NDI certified, contact the support team.

Thank you for connecting with NDI.

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The NDI Certified program is a benefit offered to our NDI Advanced licensees.


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Headshot of Andrew Vasquez, Head of Support at NDI

Andrew Vasquez

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