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Headshot of Nicholas Mariette, Director of Product Management for NDI Nick Mariette 4 mins read 14 December ‘23

NDI 6 update: beta testing has started 

As we prepare NDI 6, we are unveiling more details about the progress so far and what our partners have to say about this next step for NDI. 

Headshot of Andrew Vasquez, Head of Support at NDI Andrew Vasquez 5 mins read 6 September ‘23

NDI Certified: the road to user-centered interoperability

Understand the role of certification and learn more about the NDI Certified program in this blog post from Andrew Vasquez, Head of Support.

Headshot of Albert Ng, Product Manager at NDI Albert Ng 4 mins read 31 July ‘23

Introducing NDI 5.6 Core Tech Update

We are thrilled to announce the latest update to our Core Technology, NDI 5.6, which brings a set of optimizations and advancements to our SDKs and reinforces the NDI Bridge tool.

headshot of Roberto Musso, Technical Product Marketing Director for NDI Roberto Musso 2 mins read 30 June ‘22

NDI releases anticipated SDK plugin for Unreal Engine 5

NDI increases Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 capabilities for Extended and Augmented Reality for more creative freedom NDI, the globally standardized video-over-IP technology, announces that its SDK plugin is now compatible with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5. Available for download now! As Unreal Engine 5 was released, we received requests for an NDI SDK plugin, allowing […]

headshot of Roberto Musso, Technical Product Marketing Director for NDI Roberto Musso 2 mins read 14 February ‘22

NDI HX 3 – Elevating Video Streaming quality with low latency

NDI HX3 uses a fraction of the bandwidth of NDI High Bandwidth to unleash unparalleled flexibility for NDI users and partners Vizrt Group’s NDI® releases NDI®|HX 3, offering better video and reduced latency on enabled devices. NDI HX3 is an option for manufacturers and developers to magnify flexibility without changing or upgrading hardware.  Since 2015, NDI-enabled […]

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