NDI HX 3 – Elevating Video Streaming quality with low latency

headshot of Roberto Musso, Technical Product Marketing Director for NDI

Roberto Musso

14 February ‘22 2 mins read Product

NDI HX3 uses a fraction of the bandwidth of NDI High Bandwidth to unleash unparalleled flexibility for NDI users and partners

Vizrt Group’s NDI® releases NDI®|HX 3, offering better video and reduced latency on enabled devices. NDI HX3 is an option for manufacturers and developers to magnify flexibility without changing or upgrading hardware. 

Since 2015, NDI-enabled applications and devices have become the most adopted IP standard in media organizations, with rapid ongoing growth. NDI technology continues to break down the boundaries of creating content and moving video without limitations; this new standard is no exception. NDI®|HX 3 offers low latency, reduced bandwidth transmission, retaining high visual standards without requiring equipment upgrades.

There is a low engineering effort to integrate NDI HX3 for existing manufacturers to begin leveraging the benefits immediately. Software applications, such as NewTek TriCaster, Vizrt Vectar Plus, vMix, etc., will not need any upgrade to support NDI HX3.

NDI’s versatile integration into numerous workflows, products, and projects continuously impresses us. To meet market demand for NDI technology, our team promotes continuous innovation for unrestricted content creation. NDI®|HX 3 exemplifies this commitment, balancing quality and efficiency without compromise, setting a new visual storytelling standard,” says Michael Namatinia, NDI President.

Michael Namatinia, former NDI President

For more information on NDI HX3, please visit our dedicated page.

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Roberto is the Technical Product Marketing Director at NDI. He's proud to have been involved in the PC revolution of the 80s and has worked with several video technology companies. In 2015, he founded MediaNews SRL, a live sports and event production service provider, working for clients such as Fox Sports, RAI Sport, and Sky Italy. His OB Van is entirely based on NDI. Roberto has played bass for over 20 years, and his passion for jazz has profoundly impacted his life and career.

headshot of Roberto Musso, Technical Product Marketing Director for NDI

Roberto Musso

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