Advance your connectivity: understanding NDI Advanced and our SDKs.

Connected Community Webinars
  • 06/07/2023 |

    4 PM CET — 10 AM EST

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Join our informative webinar to gain a comprehensive understanding of our technology offering.

Learn more about what NDI Advanced can enable for your products and which SDK best suits your needs. Take the chance to engage in a live Q&A session with the NDI team and clarify all your doubts about our tech, services, and certification programs.

You’ll find this webinar useful if you are:
– a device manufacturer looking to integrate more connectivity features into your products;
– using the NDI SDK but looking to unlock even more functionalities and NDI formats;
– already an NDI licensee, but still lack full understanding about all our license includes.

  • Differences between NDI SDK and NDI Advanced;
  • Analyzing NDI Advanced and its benefits;
  • Introducing NDI Certified program;
  • Live Q&A.
Headshot of Albert Ng, Product Manager at NDI
Albert Ng

Product Manager, NDI

Headshot of Tonia Maffeo, Head of Marketing at NDI
Tonia Maffeo

Head of Marketing, NDI

headshot of Roberto Musso, Technical Product Marketing Director for NDI
Roberto Musso

Technical Product Marketing Director, NDI

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