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NDI Tools

All the tools and plugins you need to set up, test, and manage your NDI workflow.

Our tools suite is free to download and has been designed to introduce anyone, from end users to professional installers, to the world of NDI connectivity. For more advanced users, it can be harnessed to supercharge your NDI workflow.

Key Features
Learn the basics or master your network

Our tools range from intuitive and straightforward to use by anyone experimenting with NDI for the first time to powerful, highly-customizable tools that can be applied in the most professional settings and workflows.

Connect remotely with NDI Bridge

NDI Bridge delivers local convenience on a global scale, enabling users to securely share NDI sources between remote sites anywhere in the world while reducing complexity, cost, and latency. This powerful tool also allows you to manage alpha channels, KVM, PTZs, tally, metadata, and more.

Plugins for your favorite creative software

Whether you need to transmit video over VLC, edit live-to-air with renderless playback on Adobe Premiere, or output real-time audio and video frame buffer from Final Cut Pro, our suite provides easy-to-use plugins that integrate NDI into the apps and software you already use.

Minimum requirements
Operating systems supported

– 64bit Microsoft Windows 10 or later.
– Mac OS 11.2 or later.

Processors supported

– Intel or AMD CPUs with SSE4 or later.
– Apple M series Silicon CPUs.

Other recommendations

– NVIDIA or Intel GPU.
– 6Gb of RAM or better.
– 1Gbit/s ethernet or better.

Made by NDI

Version Number: 6.0.1

Version History

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For MacOS

NDI Video Monitor

View or display any NDI video sources across your network in real-time.

NDI Virtual Input

Send NDI from mobile sources to webcam apps.

NDI Scan Converter

Present a display, webcam, or region of interest as NDI output w/ audio.

NDI Test Patterns

Output a standard reference or custom image with tone as NDI.

NDI Access Manager

Manage network visibility and access for your NDI sources.

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