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Chyron LIVE®

Chyron LIVE®

Chyron LIVE® is an end-to-end, cloud-native live video production platform. From anywhere with an internet connection, and via the convenience of a simple web-browser, users can access the Chyron LIVE platform to cut/mix live sources, adjust audio levels across all feeds, play out PRIME-quality graphic packages, create unlimited multimedia playlists and produce live replays with telestration. LIVE’s interface is easy-to-operate via complete touchscreen control, traditional computer mouse-and-click, or even from external control devices.


Web-Based Production
Chyron LIVE takes the PRIME Platform’s production switcher, real-time motion graphics, clip playout, and audio mixer modules – and makes them available in a web-accessible all-in-one production environment. Cut and dissolve between video sources, overlay Chyron-grade CG graphics, play your clip packages, and get the right audio levels in the mix.


Replay & Telestration
The true magic of a top-tier sports production happens in replay. With Chyron LIVE, you can comb through your camera footage, clip off a replay clip, add dynamic telestration elements to highlight the crucial elements of the play, and add it to a playlist for highlight reel playout.


Stunning Yet Simple
Chyron LIVE’s interface simplifies all elements into an intuitive point-and-click (or touch) interface that is easy for any operator to manage. For fast-paced shows, Chyron LIVE will maintain real-time state across multiple connected users for effortless collaboration with a remote crew. With the LIVE 1.3 update, the new Matchpad module provides a control panel for effortless playout of a multi-layered soccer graphics package.


LIVE makes Chyron-grade productions available to all content creators through a cloud-native architecture. With a basic laptop or tablet, and a standard internet connection, anyone can produce a broadcast-quality show on demand. With pay-by-production-hour options, you can wield the power of a six-figure control room in the palm of your hand – for a sliver of the cost.



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