Join us for our next Connected Community webinar and live Q&A session in our certification series, “NDI Certified Part II: Certification Unveiled.” We’ll be covering important topics covering the value of certification and how it impacts new product releases.

Andrew Vasquez, our Head of Support, will be joined by Christopher McLendon and Liam Hayter from Vizrt, in a captivating discussion that promises to offer you a comprehensive and insightful view of our certification process from every angle. Don’t miss out on this chance to gain a 360-degree understanding of how NDI certification can elevate your video network capabilities.

Join our informative webinar to gain a comprehensive understanding of our technology offering.

Learn more about what NDI Advanced can enable for your products and which SDK best suits your needs. Take the chance to engage in a live Q&A session with the NDI team and clarify all your doubts about our tech, services, and certification programs.

You’ll find this webinar useful if you are:
– a device manufacturer looking to integrate more connectivity features into your products;
– using the NDI SDK but looking to unlock even more functionalities and NDI formats;
– already an NDI licensee, but still lack full understanding about all our license includes.

Join us on May the 30th to go through NDI as the solution for cloud-based audio, Audio authorities Waves and Avsono bring forward a successful application of NDI connectivity technology to connect audio in cloud-based production trucks for international digital marketing Media.Monks. Join in and discover why NDI is becoming a better solution for audio networking. Includes Live Q&A with all speakers and our very own NDI Audio expert.