Configuring NDI v3.5 in OBS – Your Ultimate Guide

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Victoria Moseley-Marinoff

14 June ‘18 1 mins read Community

NDI version 3.5 had been available for download for a matter of seconds when tutorial and tryout videos began popping up all over. Here is one of the first, for folks who use a dedicated streaming system with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) v21. It’s used to stream the output from their gaming system to a social video network.

Samantha Myers demonstrates how to download and install the new version of NDI Tools. After that she shows how to set up the NDI Tools and utilize OBS for NDI streams in live streaming setups.

Tutorial on NDI 3.5 Tiiks setup and working on OBS 21

The tutorial should also apply for those using Streamlabs OBS for Gamers, XSplit Broadcaster, or Gamecaster in a similar arrangement.

The quality is much improved and the new NDI 3.5 backend uses far less network resources while improving resolution quality.

Samantha Myers

Download NDI Tools

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This post was originally published on June 14th, 2018, by Chuck Baker, on the previous NDI official website. Since then, updated versions of OBS and NDI have been released.


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headshot of victoria moseley-marinoff, community manager at NDI

Victoria Moseley-Marinoff

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