Webinar: PTZOptics use cases



From the classroom to stage performances or morning broadcasts, educators and students at Hubbard High School can now autonomously operate their video setups. Stephen Heywood, CEO of The Tech Buzz, will share how he helped set up PTZOptics NDI-enabled cameras all around the local school to enable hybrid learning classrooms, improve the production of school plays and take the broadcast club to a new level.

Presentation of Hubbard High School various setups with Stephen Heywood, including:

a. Classrooms: PTZ Cameras for lectures and distance learning
b. Stage performances: multi-camera systems
c. Broadcast Club: Mini-TV studio system designed for student operation

Product updates with Matthew Davis, Product Manager from PTZOptics, including overview of new cameras Move 4k and SE (NDI Upgradeable) and other NDI-enabled products.
Roundtable discussion and Q&A Session with all speakers

Matthew Davis

Director of Product and Technology, PTZOptics

Stephen Heywood

CEO, The Tech Buzz

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