What is NDI Bridge? 

NDI Bridge allows you to move NDI across network, anywhere in the world. This is an additional NDI tool that can be used to take some of the NDI sources from one network and mirror them onto another network. This could for instance to be used to take some of your local cameras and to upload them into a cloud-based Gallery. This is designed to satisfy the needs of end users by being easy to use but also for professionals by offering a secure transfer and only requiring a single network port to be open on the sending and receiving sides. By managing the transfer of all connections this is fundamentally more valuable than SRT, LiveU, etc… which require the management of all connections individually. NDI Bridge supports the transmission of bidirectional, multiple NDI streams over WAN, as well as standard NDI features such as video (of course!), alpha channel, multichannel audio, tally, metadata, and NDI KVM. See the below example for how NDI Bridge can work in a real world environment: 


What is the NDI Discovery Server?  


Why can’t my h264/265 video be received by an NDI receiver when using the embedded SDK?