Android 14 -based NDI devices are no longer found on my network

Update: A new version of the NDI HX Camera app is now available which allows it to be discovered automatically. Ensure you're on the latest version of the software before trying the following steps:

After updating your phone to Android 14 the Tricaster Camera app will no longer appear as a source within your Tricaster input. We've developed a workaround to solve the problem till the app is fixed. Please follow the below steps:

In the receiving PC or Mac, open NDI Access Manager and navigate to External Sources (NDI Access Manager is part of the freely available NDI Tools application)

  1. Add a new source by selecting the External Sources tab, then pressing the + button beside IP Address
  2. On the new window, select NDI as a type, and type in the Android 14's IP address
  3. Press OK to close that Windows, then press OK to close the next Window
  4. Restart your NDI application intended to receive the signal.

MacOS Sonoma (14.1) no longer recognizes NDI Tools as a virtual camera


What is the NDI Analysis Tool and where do I get it from?

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