How do I become HX3 certified?​

The Process is the following:

1- Submit your request for HX3 Certification to please include your proposed model and SKU info, claimed specifications, a user manual or guide, and any proposed packaging mockups.​

2- A support representative will verify your information and work with you to revise any changes necessary.​

3- Ship your device for certification to:​

NDI Certification ​
11827 Tech Com Road, Suite 200​
San Antonio, TX 78233  ​

4- A support representative will begin testing your product and work with you to get the product certified.​

5- Verify brand compliance​

6- Issue a notice of Certification and you are approved.


What happens if my product doesn’t meet the requirements for HX3 certification?​


Why are you starting this HX3 certification program and what value is added?​