NDI partners with Adobe for enhanced Creative Cloud support

headshot of Roberto Musso, Technical Product Marketing Director for NDI

Roberto Musso

4 October ‘21 3 mins read Marketing
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NDI Plug-In for Adobe Creative Cloud opens up new remote editing and collaboration capabilities.

Today NDI, a Vizrt Group brand, announced its upgraded support of Adobe® Creative Cloud®, following the launch of NDI 5 earlier this year. NDI (Network Device Interface) expanded its capabilities for Adobe Creative Cloud with integrated extension panels for Adobe Premiere® Pro and After Effects®. The new NDI output streamlines production by removing the need for producers and creatives to export designs for teams and clients to review them.

NDI is a high-performance standard that allows anyone to use real-time, ultra-low latency video on existing IP video networks, with NDI 5 as the latest iteration. The NDI plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud revolutionizes the way video creators work, opening up new remote editing and collaboration capabilities and breaking down physical boundaries to make the world your editing suite.

Designers, producers and directors globally utilize Adobe Creative Cloud to create new content and new experiences. With new tools from NDI 5 – NDI Bridge and NDI Remote – creators enjoy a streamlined workflow to advance creativity and output.

Roberto Musso, Director of Technical Product Marketing at NDI

“With NDI, using a simple internet connection, multiple editors can edit, highlight and localize content in record time; clients can virtually oversee the edits; multiple editors can create different outputs from the same live source – the possibilities on offer are revolutionary,” adds Roberto.

The key benefits for users of NDI 5 for Adobe Creative Cloud include:

  • Enables remote working – multiple editors can create different output from the same live sources at the same time, anywhere in the world.
  • Enables creative collaboration – connections spark innovation and creativity; NDI widens access to that creativity pool.
  • Enables integration – NDI, acting as the common standard, helps bridge disparate tool sets, makes the workflow cohesive, and unlocks value.
  • Enhances talent acquisition & retention – NDI adds flexibility, allowing talent to focus on creativity rather than the process. Brands can then compete for in-demand resources across a connected, global stage and to be able to offer best-in-class toolsets.

Adobe is always looking for innovative ways to improve creatives workflows. The NDI 5 Plug-In for Adobe Creative Cloud opens up new possibilities for how creators work and collaborate – no matter where their teams are located.

Sue Skidmore, Head of Partner Relations for Adobe Video

Adobe Creative Cloud is compatible with the latest NDI 5— a true technological revolution in audio and video storytelling. NDI 5 transforms the world into a studio, allowing producers to connect to virtually any device, anywhere in the world, to transmit live video for the first time in history.

Further Info

This post was originally published on October 5th, 2021, by Catherine Webb, on the previous NDI official website. Since then, updated versions of NDI and Creative Cloud have been released.


NDI® is a registered trademark of Vizrt NDI AB.

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Roberto is the Technical Product Marketing Director at NDI. He's proud to have been involved in the PC revolution of the 80s and has worked with several video technology companies. In 2015, he founded MediaNews SRL, a live sports and event production service provider, working for clients such as Fox Sports, RAI Sport, and Sky Italy. His OB Van is entirely based on NDI. Roberto has played bass for over 20 years, and his passion for jazz has profoundly impacted his life and career.

headshot of Roberto Musso, Technical Product Marketing Director for NDI

Roberto Musso

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