Waves Audio adopts NDI for cloud-based media productions

Roberto Musso
Roberto Musso
14 June ’22
3 mins read
NDI and Waves logo presented together

Waves Audio announces NDI® support with the Waves Cloud MX Audio Mixer, offering superior sound quality for broadcast professionals.

The move to cloud-based broadcasting has accelerated rapidly over the past two years. Leading-edge broadcasting and media companies have been able to migrate many production tools to cloud environments. Though the deployment of video production technology moved quickly to software-driven workflows, until now, the true pro audio component has been lacking. As broadcast production moves to cloud-based environments, efficient cloud-based audio mixing becomes urgently needed. Processing, mixing and routing the production audio directly in the cloud complete this new-generation workflow from source ingest to program distribution.

One key technology that has helped facilitate this transition is NDI , a high-performance network protocol for transporting media streams over Ethernet. NDI, part of Vizrt Group, facilitates bidirectional sharing of video and audio sources over a network, reducing costs and enhancing accessibility.

Media teams can now use Waves’ Cloud MX Audio Mixer with NDI for easy audio routing in the cloud.

NDI technology is a tested system for professional cloud production, ensuring its adoption”. The cloud facilitates hassle-free audio stream management, allowing teams to concentrate on delivering quality sound.”

Mick Olesh, Waves Managing Director and EVP of Sales

Using the Cloud MX Audio Mixer ensures an enhanced, professional final production mix. Broadcasters can enhance cloud workflows with Cloud MX Audio Mixer, leveraging its 32-bit engine and Waves’ superior cloud-licensed plugins.

Waves’ Cloud MX Audio Mixer is NDI-compatible, fitting easily into NDI-based environments, with easy patching and routing of NDI audio streams.

The cloud changes live production, requiring seamless audio tools. Waves Audio’s NDI adoption in Cloud MX Audio Mixer facilitates this with no need for conversions”.

Suso Carrillo, NDI Head of Partner and Field Marketing

Waves Cloud MX Audio Mixer is easily deployed on AWS, making integration with new or existing cloud production systems a breeze. Cloud MX Audio Mixer allows scalable productions with numerous mixers, reducing costs and eliminating the need for on-site equipment and staff.

All Cloud MX Audio Mixer packages include cloud-licensed Waves eMo plugins, constituting the mixer’s channel strip for swift, efficient workflows. Upgrade to Cloud MX Audio Mixer Plus or Premium gives extra plugins, including the Dugan Speech for real-time multi-mic mixing. The packages are available as 1-month or 1-year licenses, with Plus and Premium tiers offering extensive plugins for all broadcast audio needs.

Utilizing NDI technology, Waves’ Cloud MX Audio Mixer empowers broadcast and media teams with superior audio quality, flexibility, and ease of deployment.

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Roberto is the Technical Product Marketing Director at NDI. He’s proud to have been involved in the PC revolution of the 80s and has worked with several video technology companies. In 2015, he founded MediaNews SRL, a live sports and event production service provider, working for clients such as Fox Sports, RAI Sport, and Sky Italy. His OB Van is entirely based on NDI. Roberto has played bass for over 20 years, and his passion for jazz has profoundly impacted his life and career.


Roberto Musso
Roberto Musso


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