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Technology ready

to be developed.

Decode all NDI formats

on a software layer.

Our ecosystem is built on true interoperability. By integrating our SDK into your product, it will be able to receive all of our current formats and become a highly compatible part of any NDI-enabled workflow or setup.

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Native discoverability added to

your product.

NDI technology allows your product to become fully discoverable within any NDI network, without the need to run applications or third-party plugins. Users can instantly find and connect with any NDI-enabled product; and it always works.

Become part of

a plug and play ecosystem

The adoption of NDI is growing faster than any other video connectivity technology today. NDI-enabled products can easily connect with one another in a plug-and-play manner, over standard ethernet connections, without requiring custom or expensive networking.

Open to explore

and connect the impossible.

The NDI SDK is open to be tested and implemented in the most diverse and challenging connection contexts. Everyday, we come across new ways to connect video using our technology. What will you discover next?

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Technical Features

Our SDK in detail.

  • Formats
  • Integrations
  • Specifications
  • Audio

Equip your products with the capability to decode any NDI formats, including our most advanced NDI HX3, unlocking backwards compatibility with the NDI ecosystem.

Integrate connectivity on a software layer without limitations, through our platform- and architecture-agnostic technology.

Access a diverse set of connectivity specs designed to bring plug-and-play control and unprecedented flexibility into any device or workflow.

Connect and manage multiple audio channels for audiovisual or audio-only, in low-latency and high-quality.

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NDI SDK Success Stories

The backbone of

video connections.

NDI® provides video connectivity for US crypto streaming event 

NDI® video connectivity technology was an integral part of the workflow when ATX Event Systems and WiFi Joe delivered the streaming production of last year’s Consensus cryptocurrency conference, which took place at seven venues situated in Austin, Texas. 

Guildhall School sets up a new era of flexibility with NDI

Prior to Covid 19, the AV team at the Guildhall School primarily relied upon an SDI-based system with cameras and a vision mixer to record.

AMD is embedding connectivity through NDI  

Ready to implement in a wide range of devices thanks to integrations with AMD’s Zynq and Kria lines, NDI video connectivity technology provides the solution to many enduring IP networking challenges.